Он: 2014
Судалгааны нэр: Medium to long-term labor supply-demand forecast
Судалгааны төрөл: Хөдөлмөрийн зах зээл
Судалгааны товч тайлбар: Institute for Labour Studies has been focusing on to build medium to long term labor market forecast within the framework of the preparation of the essential data needed to develop a policy on employment in Mongolia, factors affecting the labor market, and is focused on studying the relationship between them. In 2013, we has begun the project for establishing and developing Mongolian manpower demand and supply of medium and long-term forecasting model launched with Republic of Korean clients, In 2014 to continue the development of this model has forecasted results. Forecasting model has been expanded by 19 major of The International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) and 43 subgroups of The International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO). In 2015, implementing the substance data in order to achieve this forecasting model, Institute for Labour Studies is working to create their own. If we develop to next level medium to long term manpower forecasting model, we will forecast how productivity mismatches between economic activities industries affect to the labor market whether it works with wage variance, migration between industries and define labor shortages, surpluses and actual use of foreign labor or the system of education calculated to ascertain whether there is a needis available. Also participate in the labor market within the framework of the state will be able to determine the appropriate effective long-term involvement. Further simplifying the modeling more accessible to as our next main objective is to focus on increasing access to information for parents, teens and young generation's career accurate and quality information will help. This community is developed based on the free choice of employment policy in the economy is the most important concern. I would like to thank on behalf of customers the officials at the Human Resource Development Service of Korea of Republic of Korea who are supporting to develop this modeling in Mongolia.
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